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SOL International - the first virtual meeting of the SOL genomics community

We are all disappointed not to be meeting together in Greece this year, but fear not, the community is still planning to meet at SOL International Online from 9 to 11 November. Under the leadership of Dr Christian Bachem, Chair of the SOL CoChair Group, a virtual conference has been planned and we hope as many of the community will attend as possible to hear about new developments and exiciting research in the Solanaceae. 

Sessions will be: 

  • Biotechnology
  • Breeding (technologies and traits)
  • Development
  • Diversity and Evolution
  • Networks (incl. genomics)
  • Stress (biotic and abiotic)

There will be six sessions, held in sequence, two per day over three days. Sessions will start at 1400 CET and run until 1800 CET, with a break between the two daily sessions.

Talks will be chosen from submitted abstracts, we particularly welcome abstracts from those who have been unable to previously attend SOL meetings due to cost or distance. Instructions for abstract submission, and more details about the meeting can be found here.

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