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2008 - David Spooner and Flor Rodríguez visit Utah.

22-23 October, 2008 - David Spooner and Flor Rodríguez visit Utah.
By Stephen Stern.

Photo: The whole group (from left to right) Félix Guzmán-Díaz (UT), Lynn Bohs (UT), Maria Alajandra Guitierrez (a visiting student working with Gloria Barbosa in Argentina) David Spooner (WIS), Flor Rodríguez (WIS), Stephen Stern. (UT), Andrew van Wagenen (UT) and Eric Tepe (UT). We had an excellent meeting with Flor teaching us all about her work with COS markers.

David Spooner and Flor Rodríguez visited the Bohs lab in Utah during a trip to prepare for the 2008 Botany meetings at Snowbird. The Wisconsin folks brought along reports on their work, including phylogenetic trees that were close to 2 meters long!

Photo: David and Flor show off the Wisconsin lab's trees for the potato clade of Solanum. The published trees will be 5 pages long!.

Much of the day was spent discussing the utility of COSII markers from Flor’s work on the potato clade. These phylogenetically useful markers are exciting and offer possibilities for resolving relationships not only in the potato clade but also in other areas of Solanum as well as the cultivated chili-peppers in the genus Capsicum. The visit was an excellent opportunity for us to catch up on the wide variety of work being done and successes of each lab.

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