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Solanum - A genus of Solanaceae

Solanum L., Sp. Pl. 184. 1753. Type: Solanum nigrum L.

For complete synonymy, see D'Arcy (1972, 1973).

Herbs, shrubs, trees, or vines, with or without spines, glabrous or pubescent with unbranched or branched, often glandular hairs. Leaves alternate or paired and frequently unequal in size, simple to pinnately lobed or compound, petiolate or sessile, without stipules. Inflorescences cymose, branched or unbranched. Flowers usually perfect, (4-) 5-merous, actinomorphic or zygomorphic; calyx campanulate, sometimes accrescent in fruit; corolla rotate, campanulate, stellate, or urceolate, white, green, yellow, pink, or purple; stamens equal or unequal, the filaments generally short and inserted at the corolla base, the anthers basifixed, blunt or tapered toward apex, opening by terminal pores which sometimes expand into longitudinal slits; ovary 2-carpellate; ovules many; style articulated at base, usually slender; stigma capitate. Fruit a berry, usually fleshy but occasionally dry, usually many-seeded, the seeds often flattened; embryo curved, embedded in abundant endosperm. Chromosome number: n = 12, 23.

From: Bohs, L. (2001). A revision of Solanum section Cyphomandropsis (Solanaceae). Systematic Botany Monographs 61: pp1-85.


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