Solanaceae Source

A global taxonomic resource for the nightshade family

Diversity of Solanaceae

Although very important commercially, the family is only a medium sized one with approximately 90 genera and 3000-4000 species. However, members of the Solanaceae are extremely diverse in terms of habit, morphology, and ecology, ranging from trees or shrubs to vines, lianas, epiphytes, and annual herbs. Morphologically they show astounding variation in many flower and fruit characteristics.

The eight largest genera and their approximate number of species
Genus Approximate number of species
Estimated total number in all of Solanaceae 3000-4000
Solanum 1000-2000
Cestrum ca. 250
Lycianthes ca. 250
Nolana ca. 80
Physalis ca. 75
Lycium ca. 75
Nicotiana ca. 70
Brunfelsia ca. 45
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