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Sept 25th, 2020 - Iris Edith Peralta

Next SOL Seminar Online will be presented by Iris Peralta on ‚ÄčIntegrative taxonomy and classification of wild tomatoes and close relatives, insights for conservation and use of genetic resources in plant breeding

Abstract. An integrative approach to taxonomy is essential not only to understand the diversity and evolutionary relationships of a group of organisms, but also to generate a classification. A comprehensive treatment of wild tomatoes and close relatives, combining different evidences with a morphology-based taxonomy, lead to propose a new classification. Predictability is an important quality of a classification that can be verified in recent studies based on molecular, genomic and transcriptomic data of wild tomatoes. Furthermore, these new evidences revealed that adaptive genetic variation leads to a rapid diversification in the tomato lineage and ecological differentiation among species. Thirteen wild tomato species (Solanum Sect. Lycopersicon) and four close relatives (Solanum setc. Lycopersicoides and Juglandifolia) are valuable genetic resources because they are closely related to cultivated tomato, Solanum lycopersicum L., one of the world's leading vegetable crop. A predictable classification, based on multiple and complementary perspectives, can contribute to explore new hypothesis of phylogenetic relationships, and provide insights for species conservation in their natural habitats and germplasm banks, and also contribute to a better use of genetic resources in plant breeding.

When? Friday 25th September, 4 pm (GMT+1)

The zoom link to join the meeting is Meeting ID: 943 3314 6166, password: Solanaceae

Watch her talk again here:

Friday, September 25, 2020 - 16:00
Wed, 2020-09-23 14:50 -- rocio

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