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Mar 26th, 2021 - Natalia Pabón Mora

Natalia Pabón-Mora on The anatomical and genetic bases of fruit diversity in Solanaceae

Abstract. The diversity of fruit patterning and seed dispersal strategies in Solanaceae is outstanding. The family exhibits berries, capsules, drupes, pyrenes and intermediate forms of thin fleshy fruits that dehisce or thick fleshy fruits that dry out. The optimization of fruit type onto a phylogenetic framework results in a unidirectional shift, from dry fruits to fleshy fruits, in the specious Solanoideae. However, independent acquisitions of fleshy fruits have occurred at least in Cestrum and Duboisia, and reversals to dry fruits take place in members of Daturae. We have undertaken comparative anatomical studies coupled with genetic studies to better understand the evolution and development of different fruit types across Solanaceae. We have documented the carpel-to-fruit transformation in species of Brunfelsia, Brugmansia, Petunia, Nicotiana, Capsicum, Cestrum and Solanum, which have allowed us to assess key anatomical homologous and convergent features. We have also evaluated genes that are critical for fruit patterning, taking as reference the genetic network for fruit development established in Arabidopsis, where major transcription factors control valve identity (i.e. FRUITFULL), replum development (i.e. REPLUMLESS) and the differentiation of the dehiscence zones (i.e. SHATTERPROOF, INDEHISCENT and ALCATRAZ). Our data indicates that the fruit developmental genetic network in the Brassicaceae cannot be extrapolated to the Solanaceae, due to independent duplication events and changes in expression patterns for key genetic hubs. Finally, we have focused more specifically on ALC/SPT genes, as key players in the cellular identity of pericarp tissues. I will present data on their expression and function in species with different fruit type with Solanaceae. Finally, I will discuss the implications of our findings in fruit evolution studies across the family.

When? Friday 26th March 3 pm (GMT+1)

The zoom link to join the meeting is Meeting ID: 943 3314 6166, password: Solanaceae

Watch this talk here:

Thursday, March 25, 2021 - 02:00
Sun, 2021-07-18 01:57 -- rocio

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