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Natural History Museum
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United Kingdom
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Principal investigators
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To coordinate project efforts in the UK, including oversight of database and website design. Participate in field and herbarium work and contribute taxonomic treatments, especially of the Geminata and Dulcamaroid clades. Together with the New York Botanical Garden, the NHM will lead in nomenclatural and typification issues and data basing efforts. A post-doc will be trained here in all aspects of the project. Worldwide public outreach efforts will be concentrated at the NHM via the Internet-based Darwin Centre Live program.


(Ph.D. Cornell University, 1986). A Research Botanist at the Natural History Museum (NHM), London, she is an expert on various Solanum groups, including the Geminata, Dulcamaroid, and Thelopodium clades as well as the Pteroidea group and the tomatoes and their relatives. She is also an authority on Solanaceae groups such as Nicotiana, the Anthocercidae and Juanulloeae, and the Solanaceae of Mesoamerica.

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