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April 2nd, 2021 - Carmen Fernandez & Victor Quipuscoa

Carmen Fernandez & Victor Quipuscoa on The genus Leptoglossis

Abstract. Leptoglossis Benth. is a small genus of Solanaceae with seven species distributed in South America. Six of them are endemic to western Peru (L. acutiloba (I.M.Johnst.) Hunz. & Subils, L. albiflora (I.M.Johnst.) Hunz. & Subils, L. darcyana Hunz. & Subils, L. ferreyrae Hunz. & Subils, L. lomana (Diels) Hunz. and L. schwenkioides Benth.) and one is endemic to Argentina (L. linifolia (Miers) Benth. & Hook.f.).  Most of these species were first described as members of other genera, such as Cyclostigma Phil., Leptofeddea Diels, Nierembergia Ruiz & Pav. and Salpiglossis Ruiz & Pav. This talk will focus on using morphology and molecular data to test its monophyly and to understand the relationships within the genus.  A total of 184 specimens from BM, CORD, E, F, G, HUT, K, NY, US and USM herbaria were measured for the morphological analysis.  For the molecular analysis, leaf tissue of 22 specimens from the BM, CORD, E, HSP and USM herbaria was used for DNA extraction and 15 accessions were downloaded from GenBank to complement the molecular analysis. The results reveal the monophyly of Leptoglossis, where the Argentinian L. linifolia is sister to the Peruvian species. In addition, three species are supported as distinct based on morphology and molecular data (L. darcyana, L. linifolia and L. schwenkioides). Morphological data suggest that L. acutiloba and L. albiflora should be treated as distinct species, although support from molecular data is lacking. Morphological data suggests that L. ferreyrae and L. lomana should be treated as a single taxon. Molecular analyses with more accessions of these four species and additional data from low copy nuclear regions might help to further understand the relationships at species-level.

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Thursday, April 1, 2021 - 02:00
Sun, 2021-07-18 02:02 -- rocio

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