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​Feb 26th, 2021 - Gaurav Moghe

Next SOL Seminar Online will be presented by Gaurav Moghe on Evolution of the diversity of defensive sugar metabolites in Solanaceae and Convolvulaceae

Abstract. The Solanaceae and its sister Convolvulaceae families are rich with many lineage-specific metabolite classes. In my talk, I will describe the phenomenal diversity of two such compound classes – acylsugars and resin glycosides – important for plant defense. Acylsugars are found in Solanaceae but not in Convolvulaceae and resin glycosides are found in Convolvulaceae but not in Solanaceae, despite being structurally analogous. Hundreds of these compounds can be detected in mass spectrometric assays of individual plant organs. The diversity of acylsugars has been shown to have arisen through numerous mechanisms. I will focus on our recent study in the wild tomato Solanum habrochaites, where population genomics using RAD-sequencing and reproductive phenotyping of accessions across Peru and Ecuador helped us determine the origin of within-species acylsugar diversity. We found that the unique geography of the region, namely the Amotape Huancabamba Zone in tropical Andes, substantially influenced population differentiation and evolution of new phenotypes. This talk will highlight the different molecular and ecological factors that influence metabolic evolution in the Solanaceae and Convolvulaceae families.

When? Friday 26th February 3 pm (GMT+1)

The zoom link to join the meeting is Meeting ID: 943 3314 6166, password: Solanaceae

Watch this talk here:

Friday, February 26, 2021 - 03:00
Sat, 2021-02-20 04:13 -- rocio

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